I’m doing interior design photography for a client tomorrow, so I decided to rent a wide angle lens for the project: a 12-24 f4 lens from Nikon. I took it for a test drive outdoors and came up with these images. I’ll be posting my work for the interior design photography project later. Have a great weekend!

Matthew, Portraits

I needed to test my new softbox using my speedlight and high speed sync flash photography, so I asked my nephew if he would be my test subject. He agreed, so we took a ride down to Flood hill in South Orange. I ended up  not being able to use the softbox because it was very windy and I had no assistants to hold the stand to prevent it from tipping it over. I used the flash by either holding it in my hand or placing it on the ground. Here are some images from the shoot. Posing clients is my weakness, but I’ve been learning and practicing how to pose my clients to get more portrait gigs.

Flood Hill

I took this picture when I decided to go to Flood hill in South Orange to practice my landscape photography. I took a break from photography for a few years but now I’m back with a new perspective. I hope to succeed in the field this time. I have a lot of respect for the art, and I believe that you will be well treated if you develop a healthy relationship with it. This photo blog will chronicle my new journey in the field of photography, and I hope to grow and learn from and network with other people. Have a great day!