KST Productions – Hush No More

I was hired to document KST Productions “Hush No More” event. It was a monologue by several actors that spoke about their experiences with heartache, pain, love and happiness. I am honored that I was trusted to document it. Things didn’t start off on the right foot though because I found out on the day of the event that the venue was changed, so all my plans for the venue and lighting was out the window. The location that the event eventually took place was the NCC community gym at 56 Hayes Street. The gym had fluorescent lighting, and the stage lights weren’t the most appealing, but I made do. I had my assistant Matt assist me with setting up the lights for the red carpet and other things. I set up one light for the stage. this was my first time using the Yongnuo wireless speedlight triggers and receivers¬†for an event, and I highly recommend¬†them. The event went off with out a hitch, and I got some really nice images. Here are 5 images from the event. Please enjoy.