Point of no return

I traveled to Nigeria about two weeks ago to visit family and visit tourist spots in the country. One of the sites that I visited was the Point of no return in Badagry, Nigeria: this is the area in which slaves were transported from Nigeria to unknown parts of the new world. It is also a very beautiful beach area, and I’m looking forward to new developments currently taking place to make this into a more historic and tourist friendly site. I took a few images with my Google Pixel while I was there. Please enjoy.


I’m doing interior design photography for a client tomorrow, so I decided to rent a wide angle lens for the project: a 12-24 f4 lens from Nikon. I took it for a test drive outdoors and came up with these images. I’ll be posting my work for the interior design photography project later. Have a great weekend!

Flood Hill

I took this picture when I decided to go to Flood hill in South Orange to practice my landscape photography. I took a break from photography for a few years but now I’m back with a new perspective. I hope to succeed in the field this time. I have a lot of respect for the art, and I believe that you will be well treated if you develop a healthy relationship with it. This photo blog will chronicle my new journey in the field of photography, and I hope to grow and learn from and network with other people. Have a great day!