Point of no return

I traveled to Nigeria about two weeks ago to visit family and visit tourist spots in the country. One of the sites that I visited was the Point of no return in Badagry, Nigeria: this is the area in which slaves were transported from Nigeria to unknown parts of the new world. It is also a very beautiful beach area, and I’m looking forward to new developments currently taking place to make this into a more historic and tourist friendly site. I took a few images with my Google Pixel while I was there. Please enjoy.

Tosin, A Portrait

I went to NYC this past weekend to take some portraits of my brother Tosin to commemorate his birthday. Tosin picked a location on 15th and 6th avenue that had a nice background he really liked. He wanted natural portraits which weren’t posed, so I had to be quick to capture the moment because it’s usually hard to duplicate it. After completing the shoot for that location and getting lunch, we concluded the photo shoot at his apartment in nyc. The images came out quite good. You can view the images from the shoot here.